Three Things Companies Wish They Knew About Their Employees
By: Kimberly Greenman, Ph.D.

Employees, especially Millennials, are struggling with their financial stress, which prevents them from working at maximum capacity.

Sure you overhear your employees talking about their lives, but even though financial stress is a huge component, it’s not likely you’ll hear about it! However, as their employer, you can actually help without breaking the budget.
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Three Things My Boss Should Know About Me and My Finances
By: Emi Bartholomew

According to Workplace Insights, Millennials are more likely than Generation X and Baby Boomers to be concerned by finances, a stress that bleeds into our work. I certainly fit the bill. As someone who has yet to put ramen eating days behind her, I have some solid financial stress.

At least I’m not alone. Others like me are wading around in a sea of financial misunderstandings, and our employers can help. With widespread financial misunderstanding in mind, here are three things our employers should know about those of us entering the real world and how we can help each other.
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