Look At What Other Employees Are Saying:

“It helped me understand that I should be saving [money] now…” 6 p. 252

“…I was learning new things that will help me in my future financial situations.” 6 p. 251

“…[Financial wellness] is possible for anyone. Anything is a start.” 6 p. 252

“There was a lot of information on how to use credit cards wisely and investing into things to help you improve the amount of money you have saved.” 6 p. 251-252

“People become more confident as they save and begin to notice that they have money.” 6 p. 90

“If I start looking at my [financial] challenges as an opportunity to grow I will be less stressed overall.” 6 p. 90

“I will grow as a person, I will feel accomplished in overcoming challenges, and be better off from a financial perspective.” 6 p. 90