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Financially Fit Employees (FFE) is a financial wellness service founded on over 10 years of academic research, company testing, and real-world results. Our services help employees develop sound financial wellness habits that have measurable impacts at home and at work. Through our proven methods, individualized training, and supportive user community, the resulting incremental growth leads to less financial stress and home and increased focus at work. The bottom line? Companies who offer FFE services to their employees will experience a provable, data-driven increase in employee productivity, satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty.

What You Get:

• Up to 78% increase in employee satisfaction6,12
• Up to 70% increase in employee loyalty6,12
• Up to 68% increase in employee engagement6,12
• Up to 57% increase in employee productivity6,12

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Tahoe Fracture
“Our company and our employees have found great value in this service. Awareness of the importance of saving money has increased and steps toward greater financial stability have been taken, which benefits us as a whole.”
- Testimonial from Tahoe Fracture & Orthopedic.

Tahoe Fracture
"Recognizing the need to get college aged youth to think about personal finance and develop good financial management habits, The Hayek Group is happy to be partnering with Financially Fit Employees to provide FFE membership to college students."
- Testimonial from The Hayek Group.

Stedham Electronics
“It was an eye opening experience for my employees to realize that it is within their power to begin saving for their futures now. They realize that they can afford to put even a small amount into savings without affecting how they live today. This will give them a cushion in the future which they previously felt was out of reach.”
- Testimonial from Stedham Electronics.

Why does your company need financial wellness services?
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78% Increase in Employee Satisfaction
Increase in Employee Satisfaction(6,12)
68% Increase in Employee Engagement
Increase in Employee Engagement(6,12)
57% Increase in Employee Productivty
Increase in Employee Productivity(6,12)


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