Kimberly Greenman
Dr. Kimberly Greenman, Ph.D., M.S.W., L.S.W.
CEO / Founder Financially Fit Employees, Inc.

Hi, I’m Kimberly. I began my career providing therapeutic services, where I quickly learned that although people could make money, they never felt like they had enough. I found this issue of financial stress to be a very common experience and I knew I could help. So, I called upon my therapeutic and financial research skills and created a service to empower others to become financially fit.

As founder of Financially Fit Employees™, I bring almost three decades of academic and practical experience aimed specifically at identifying and implementing tools to help individuals and companies solve what I call “financial wellness” problems. My unique combination of training and experience has allowed me to target specific financial wellness “interventions” that are proven to help people become Financially Fit. During that process, our clients become financially educated, empowered, and confident, which has far-reaching effects in their personal and professional lives.

My years spent offering therapeutic services highlighted the compounding issues financial distress causes in people’s lives, creating a stressful cycle that’s difficult to break. In working with clients, I have identified many root causes - large and small - and determined that financial interventions are an effective way to break that stressful cycle. Once successful habits replace the old ones, there are proven benefits at work and at home.

During Ph.D. research, I learned that employers are greatly impacted by financial issues experienced by their employees. It became clear that other researchers and employers alike believe interventions that occur prior to an employee’s personal economic crisis is in everyone’s best interest. As a result, employee financial wellness support in the workplace is one of the three employee benefits that continues to have an upward trend.15

It is proven that businesses are stronger and more productive when employees worry less about their financial stressors, resulting in higher engagement levels at work.6,12 And as businesses thrive, so do the surrounding communities where those businesses reside. The power of achieving financial wellness has an impact on everything a person touches at work, at home, and within their community. As financial stress is reduced and replaced by a sense of financial security, marriages endure less stress, children enjoy greater attention from parents, and the very fabric that weaves society together is made stronger. At work, employees who are financially fit are more engaged and productive, which is a win for the employee and for their company. 6,12