Why do you want a financial coach? Because financial coaches are AWESOME! Your financial coach can help you with your financial goals.4,5 And you get to pick whichever Financially Fit Employees™ partner coach you want to work with. And you can change your mind as often as you would like until you find the right fit. The decision is all yours.

60% Employees Reduced Debt
Employees Reduced
30% Improved Their Credit Score
Improved Their Credit Score14

Check out what financial coaching can do for you. Get started today.

Financial coaching has already helped employees achieve their financial goals. As a result of financial coaching:

  •  60% reduced debt14
  •  38% increased retirement savings14
  •  30% improved their credit score14
  •  8% bought a house14

Financial coaching has also helped employees with financial stress:
  •  86% stated a financial wellness program which includes financial coaching reduced their financial stress.14

Let’s face it - money choices are emotional and have a lot to do with one’s thoughts and feelings about money.6 Partnering with a financial coach can help you on the journey towards your financial goals.14