Get more than $100 when you pick your own financial coach, watch videos, and look at your private financial wellness report. Conditions apply.*

Earn free money each week as you use Financially Fit Employees™ (FFE™) financial wellness services. The free money is an incentive to pick your own financial coach, work with that coach on your financial goals and watch short entertaining videos to help increase your financial wellness. The free money is also an incentive to build and preview your own private, personalized financial wellness report. Improving financial wellness is a lot like eating vegetables. The free money you earn as you take steps to increase your financial wellness is like the piece of chocolate cake waiting when you finish your vegetables.

When using and enjoying FFE™ services, earn free money as you refer co-workers and friends to FFE™.  Conditions apply.*

*Incentive money is earned weekly and paid out yearly. Referral money is earned monthly and paid out yearly. To receive money, user must have an active FFE™ account for the entire year.